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Welcome to the Canadian Paper Money Society Website!

The aims and objectives of the Society are to encourage and support historical studies of banks and other paper money issuing authorities in Canada, to preserve their history and statistical records, and through research and publishing the results thereof, ensure that information, documents, and other evidence of Canada's financial development will be preserved.

The Canadian Paper Money Society has reduced the membership dues for the next 2 years, 2022–2023 the new membership dues are:

    Printed Membership $20.00 per year
    Digital Membership $10.00 per year
    Junior membership, under 15 years of age,
      $5.00 per year
    Canadian funds for Canadian address;
      U.S funds for U.S or foreign addresses


Canadian Paper Money Society Note Registry
An Updated Compilation (in two Volumes) of Note Registers Published by the C.P.M.S. Fourth Edition.
Spiral bound, 600 pages in total.


  Our fifth edition Note Registiry's will be available shortly. Please check back.

Our archive of Journals and Newsletters from past years is available online as a benifit to our current members. Why not take a look at an example below!

Sample Newsletter: September 2017 – Vol. 53, #154


2018-06-01:RCNA Announces Paper Money Grading Workshop, with Steven Bell of BCS, to take place on Tuesday, August 7, 2018, at their annual Convention this year in Mississauga (Hilton Meadowvale Hotel). For further information contact: or phone: (416) 401-4014.

2016-04-23:CPMS Announces that the Third Edition of it's popular Canadian Paper Money Society Note Registry is now available for purchase. The Note Registry was launched today at the spring Toronto Coin Expo.

2015-12-25:CPMS Announces Second Edition of it's popular Canadian Paper Money Society Note Registry is now sold out! Stay tuned for the Third Edition currently under development.

2013-02-04: Our website has a new home! We wish to thank Numismatic Network Canada for offering to host our site. Brent W.J. Mackie has submitted his resignation as our webmaster. We owe Brent a debt of gratitude for his efforts in designing our website and serving as our webmaster for the past 6 years.

2012-06-30: Currently available! Index to the Canadian Paper Money Newsletter 1993-2011. Visit our store to pick up your copy!

2010-08-23: Thanks to the continued hard work of CPMS member Dan Gosling, we are proud to announce that volumes 1 through 10 of the CPM Journal have been uploaded to our website for members to access. Log in to "My CPMS" and check them out!

2010-06-11: At its Annual General Meeting in July 2010, the Canadian Paper Money Society will consider a motion to amend the Constitution of the Society. For details, please log in to "My CPMS" and view the Notice of Motion.

2010-01-18: Please welcome Jared Stapleton and Hudson Byblow to the CPMS Executive! Jared has accepted a position of 2nd Vice President, and Hudson is appointed an Executive Director. The Executive is now complete again following a couple of recent vacancies. The term of the current executive is from 2009 to 2011.

2009-12-03: The Canadian Paper Money Society is proud to announce that we are now accepting PayPal for renewals and new membership applications. Click on the Membership link above to sign up now if you're not already a member, or log in to My CPMS to renew your existing membership.

2009-09-23: The September 2009 CPMS newsletter does not have pages 69 or 70, but does have pages 97 and 98 as extras. This was a minor error with the page numbering. No content is missing from the newsletter and it is still 32 pages long. The December newsletter will start on page 99.

2009-03-03: There is an error in the March 2009 CPMS newsletter. On p22 there is an advertisement for the 47th Annual O.N.A. Convention in Kitchener, ON. The text at the bottom should indicate that "the CPMS is having a Casual Meeting at the ONA Convention on Saturday April 25 from 9am-11am in the Ontario Salon Room B." Incorrect information appeared in the printed newsletter and initial copies available online. We apologize for the error.

2008-06-12: "My CPMS" is launched. "My CPMS" is a members-only section of the website that contains archived newsletters and other members-only tools. Check it out!

2008-05-17: Since the March newsletter, we have set up online access to newsletters via this website. With that launch, we have added several old issues to the website from digital files that we had on-hand. Admittedly, our record-keeping wasn't too good, and we did not keep electronic copies of newsletters older than Dec 2004. Even then, a few issues in between were missing too. Today we have added the first newsletter that has been scanned from paper, along with a second edition that was digitally recreated. Your thoughts and feedback on this are welcomed!

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